Group Therapy

Anger & Assertiveness Group for Women

Women face unique challenges when experiencing, regulating  and expressing anger and aggressive thoughts and feelings, as well as confidently voicing more difficult feelings toward others.

This supportive women’s group provides a safe, confidential place for you to learn assertiveness and anger management skills, and to heal trauma, abuse, and bullying from adult, teen, and childhood years. Share and witness each other’s successes and challenges, while practicing new skills and learning to value and respect yourself and others.

Diversity –age, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, religion, social class, and the rich textures of each person’s life experiences– are valued.

  • Learn how to own and acknowledge your needs, desires, and respect yourself
  • Develop skills to regulate and manage your anger, blaming, fear and shame
  • Recover and heal from past or present traumatic abuse and bullying
  • Know how to assert yourself while respecting the rights of others in a range of personal and work relationships
  • Attract, choose and maintain healthy friendships and family relationships
  • Feel confident and competent in your personal, school and business relationships

Assertiveness is the respectful and responsible expression of one’s thoughts, feelings and attitudes from a position of natural authority while also respecting the other person. Maintaining good boundaries and holding your ground, enhances self-esteem, builds confidence, and promotes healthier, more satisfying personal and work relationships.

Women’s Psychotherapy Group


Downtown Berkeley location

For information about joining, call 510.841.1261