• Women of Color Resource Center: Promoting the well-being of women and girls of color across the United States, through popular education, leadership development, research, social analysis. Oakland, CA
  • Sisterhood Agenda: Creates and centralizes resources for females of African descent. Virgin Islands
  • Color Lines: National news magazine on race and politics. Oakland, CA
  • American Indian Child Resource Center: Service and education agency serving urban Indian children and their families. Oakland, CA 510-208-1870 www.aicrc.org
  • Arab Cultural and Community Center: Serves Arab-American and greater Bay Area community through cultural programs, outreach to promote and preserve Arab culture through arts, performance, education, social services. legal assistance, career counseling, after- school programs, ESL classes, cultural competency training. San Francisco, CA www.arabculturalcenter.org
  • Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach: Community-based, social justice organization serving the Asian and Pacific Islander communities of the Greater Bay Area
  • South Asian Women’s Network (SAWNET): Information and resources for South Asian women. www.sawnet.org
  • Family Equality Council: Works to ensure equality for LGBT families by building community, advancing social justice for all families. Boston, MA www.familyequality.org
  • The Family Village: Global community of disability-related resources. Madison, WI www.familyvillage.wisc.edu
  • Family Diversity Project: Educating communities and workplaces about family diversity. Amherst, MA www.familydiv.org/links.php
  • Diversity Training Group: Diversity consultation , education, articles and workplace training. Herndon, VA www.diversitydtg.com
  • Gender.Org: Gender education and resources bout transsexual and transgender issues.
  • Diversity Database: Comprehensive index of multicultural and diversity resources compiled by U of Maryland. College Park, MD www.inform.umd.edu/EdRes/Topic/Diversity
  • Diversity Link: Promoting diversity in the workplace for women, minority and other diversity talent. Glendale, AZ