The Gift of Resilience: Just in Time for the Holidays!

by Debra Milinsky, MSW, LCSW | Berkeley Therapist  ::  A young student was sent into the wilderness by his teacher to develop self-knowledge and ponder the meaning of life. Upon his return, he would share what he had learned with his teacher and classmates. The student set out on his journey as instructed. On his […]

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Berkeley Psychotherapy | Women & Body Image: Finding Your Fountain of Youth

Berkeley Psychotherapy for Women, Couples & Families  by Debra Milinsky, MSW, LCSW :: “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”       […]

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Feeling Stuck? Need Help Finding a Good Therapist? East Bay Psychotherapists Can Help You!

Feeling Stuck? Need Help Finding a Good Therapist? East Bay Psychotherapists Can Help You!

East Bay Psychotherapy by Debra Milinsky, MSW, LCSW  &  Evelyn Hoch, LCSW, MFT  ::  Are you looking for Psychotherapy in the East Bay,  San Francisco and North Bay Area (Napa, Vallejo, Benicia, Fairfield),  Feminist Therapy Connection therapists can help you. We will really listen, answer your questions about psychotherapy and counseling, and help you connect with a […]

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Successful Relationship Myths Revealed | Psychotherapy San Francisco

Psychotherapy San Francisco by Evelyn Hoch, LCSW, MFT                   ::  Myth # 1: Accepting what you don’t like about your partner is a recipe for disaster. Offering psychotherapy San Francisco, I have actually found quite the opposite. Since most conflicts in relationships are unresolvable, stop trying to solve the unsolvable. […]

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Winter Blues Got You SAD? Symptoms and Solutions for Seasonal Depression

by Debra Milinsky, MSW, LCSW  ::  When those hot, sultry, end of summer, dog day blahs morph into winter mood indigo blues, is it SAD — Seasonal Affective Disorder?  “You ain’t been blue, no, no, no;  You ain’t been blue ’til you’ve had that mood indigo. That feelin’ goes stealin’ down, down to my shoes. While […]

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Girlfriends: Your How-to Guide for Healthy Relationships

by Debra Milinsky, MSW, LCSW  ::   There is a chain letter making the rounds in which a mother offers her just-married daughter these words of wisdom: “Don’t forget your sisters. They’ll be more important as you get older. Remember to go places and do things with them. Remember that ‘sisters’ means ALL the women – […]

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What is Bisexuality?

by Evelyn Hoch, LCSW, MFT  ::   You’re a 28 yr.old woman who has been happily partnered with a man for 3 years and recently you’ve developed a crush on a woman you work with… You’ve been lesbian-identified for the past 15 years — ever since you fell in love with your best friend in college. […]

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Healing from Trauma, Stress and Change

by Debra Milinsky, MSW, LCSW  ::   Life is a problem-solving process Change and transitions can sometimes feel overwhelming even under the best of circumstances, exceeding the usual ability to cope and adapt. Traumatic experiences at any age, unless addressed appropriately in a timely manner, can cause symptoms of clinical depression and severe anxiety. These psychological signs […]

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