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Feminist Therapy Connection psychotherapists are California-licensed professionals in private practice. We understand that finding a comfortable therapeutic match is a first important step in your journey. We want to help you connect with the right therapist.

We have many years of specialized training and experience with diverse clients. We are seasoned psychotherapists who work effectively with a range of personal, relationship, work and psychiatric problems, making use of a well-developed network of respected colleagues and community resources.

As feminist therapists, we believe in the equal value and worth of all people: Each person is deeply affected by prevailing societal attitudes, social roles and standards about power, privilege, entitlement and responsibility. These include how a person grows up female or male, as well as the effects of one’s gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, cultural heritage, religion, class, physical ability, size, age and status.

Feminist therapists recognize that a person can be exploited and abused when power and control are misused. Abuse and exploitation in any form are unacceptable. For this reason, we are also engaged in social activism to affect policies and structures outside of the therapy office in order to improve the quality of life for all citizens.

Underlying social influences profoundly shape who we are, how we feel about ourselves, our relationships, our opportunities and choices. Noticing how these apparent and more subtle influences contribute to symptoms of depression, anxiety, feeling stuck and unhappy, and including this awareness in our therapeutic conversation can open doors to new understandings and more meaningful solutions.

We are committed to helping our callers find a safe, respectful therapeutic environment, where initial problems and deeper concerns can be heard, understood and healed. As an important service to our community, Feminist Therapy Connection therapists offer psychotherapy and counseling consultation and referral to assist with this decision, respecting each person’s unique needs and economic circumstances. In the event that one of us is unable to meet your particular therapy needs and goals, we are committed to exploring options and helping you find a good therapeutic match.